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Research Interests

 Electromagnetic Theory, Computational Electromagnetics, Antennas, Radiation, Nano-electromagnetics, bio-electromagnetics


Guy A. E. Vandenbosch is leading the “Radiation and antennas research group” within the division TELEMIC of the Electrical Engineering Department of the KU Leuven. This subgroup currently consists of 2 post-doctoral researchers and ca. 15 Ph.D. researchers. The activities are organized around several research lines: 

    1. Electromagnetic Theory, 
    2. Computational Electromagnetics, 
    3. Nano-electromagnetics, 
    4. Antenna design, 
    5. Antenna and radiation measurements, 
    6. Bio-electromagnetics. 

The activities on Electromagnetic Theory concern mainly the search for new theoretical knowledge about the behavior of electromagnetic fields. An example is the set of new expressions derived for the reactive energies in this field, both in frequency and time domain. They were later applied to derive now theoretical boundaries in the area of small antennas, a very hot topic in the antenna research community.

The activities on computational electromagnetics concern the further development of the in-house developed Method of Moments solver MAGMAS. This solver can be considered a CAD framework to analyze and design a various range of new radiating planar and quasi-planar topologies and is an essential asset in many projects. Within this, three post-doctoral researchers have been or are still active: Vladimir Volski (1996 - present), Alexander Svezhentsev (1998 – 2002 and (2012-2014), and M. Stumpf (2011 - 2012). Nowadays, this activity is a core competence that forms the foundation of a close cooperation with the group of Prof. V. Moshchalkov of the physics department, which initiated the activity on nano-electromagnetics. At this moment, already four researchers are active in the field of computational nano-electromagnetics. This activity is expected to grow in the coming years.

The activities on antenna design nowadays mainly concern

  • the development of antennas in the 60 GHz range, in very close cooperation with IMEC,

  • base-band electronically beam steered antennas, both analogue and digital,

  • antennas for energy: energy scavenging and nuclear fusion antennas,

  • textile based antennas for on-body wireless networks,

  • The MAGMAS framework is actively used in these design activities.

    The activities on antenna and radiation measurements concern mainly measurement to support the antenna design activities, and antenna measurement service to Belgian industry, and the measurement of radiation in the field, for example GSM radiation.

The activities on bio-electromagnetics concern the follow-up of in vitro, in vivo, and epidemiological research on the effect of radiation on biological tissues. Recently, also activities have been started up in cooperation with the medical faculties to perform in-house in vitro research.

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